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Come and enjoy the Kubu Reod experience

Kubu Reod Tours & Accomodation

Kubu Reod Tours & Accomodation

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This is my home...

Welcome travelers

When you're tired, weary and in search of a place to recharge, retreat and find solace; Kubu Reod is your home in Bali.

Kubu Reod is nestled between the Heritage City of Singaraja, the former capital of Bali and the surrounding countryside of Buleleng. Kubu Reod is an ideal place to enjoy the serenity of Bali, with the convenience of the modern facilities. 

Our cottages are created from rustic recycled locally sourced Teak wood. The architecture is inspired by traditional Javanese heritage houses, infused with contemporary Balinese decor.

Kubu Reod is your one-stop destination for Homestay, Island Tours and Restaurant, serving homemade food. Kubu Reod also supports local artists by giving them exhibition opportunity on our website

When you arrive at Kubu Reod, let us take you into the serenity of Balinese Teak wood forests and its secret gardens...


We wish you a blissful experience!

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