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Kubu Reod Menu

(Vegan & Vegetarian Menu Available)


Breakfast Menu


Toast with Butter & Jam

Banana Crepes

Vegetarian Omelette

Seasonal fruits salad

Coffee/Tea (Please check with the host for options)


Lunch / Dinner Menu


Chicken Satay

Vegetarian Perkedel Kentang (Veg Potato Croquettes) (V)

Tempe Manis – Fermented Soybean Cake marinated with Sweet Soy Sauce (Vegan)


Garlic Chicken

Kubu Reod Fried Chicken

Rawon – Kubu Reod Beef Soup

Semur – Kubu Reod Beef with Tomatoes & Sweet Soy Sauce

Seafood (Please check with the host for availability) Market price

Sayur Asem – Balinese Sweet & Sour soup with Vegetable Broths (Vegan)

Sayur Lodeh – Vegetarian Curry with Coconut Milk (Vegan)


Sides & Salad

Fried Potatoes (Vegan)

Potato Salad (V)

Balinese Chicken Salad

Urab - Steam Vegetable Salad with Balinese dressing (Vegan)


Rice and Noodle

Steamed Rice

Nasi Goreng (Vegan/V, Chicken or Beef) – Indonesian fried rice

Mie Goreng(Vegan/V, Chicken or Beef) - Indonesian fried noodle


Soft Drink



Coconut Drink

Coffee/Tea (Please check with the host for options)


  • Booking and Pre-ordering your food is necessary as we'll cook all of our food fresh to avoid long waiting times

  • Due to seasonal availabilities, please inquire them in advanced as some food may not be available!

  • Please advise us of any foods allergies!

  • Apologies, currently we only accept cash for dining transactions

We're open for public customers!

Please contact us for pricing and for more information

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